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Captain's Castaway
ISBN: 978-0-89272-590-8
Sarah, the lightkeeper's daughter on Great Duck Island, finds a true friend when she rescues a castaway dog. But how will she ever give up Seaboy when his owner comes back to claim him?
Based on a true event, Captain's Castaway is a touching tale of the friendship between a girl and the dog she nurses back to health after a storm washes him ashore on her island home.
Lighthouse Dog to the Rescue cover.jpg
Lighthouse Dog to the Rescue
ISBN: 978-0-89272-600-4
Pauline, the lightkeeper's daughter at Owls Head Light, is proud of her pet spaniel because he is helpful and clever and a friend to all. But even Pauline doesn't realize just how brave and loyal Spot is until the night a terrible blizzard hits and a boat is missing in the storm.
Based on a true event, this is the amazing account of a determined and daring little lighthouse dog.
Sirius Dog Star.jpg
Sirius the Dog Star
ISBN: 978-1-4507-2999-4
A shipboard friendship between a boy and a big Newfoundland dog  is put to the test when their ship the Goldhunter wrecks on a ledge during a dark winter's night.
Can Nathan and Sirius think of a way to save themselves and the crew as they battle gale force winds and freezing cold to get to the lighthouse?
Love From Sky resized.jpg
Love From the Sky
ISBN: 978-1492743811
Seamond is an imaginative five-year-old girl living at Cuttyhunk Light off Cape Cod. Along with her canine companion, Rex, she explores the island and delights in the life of a lighthouse girl. The highlight of her year is just before Christmas when the Flying Santa drops gifts from his little red plane.
When her parents announce they are leaving Cuttyhunk forever, Seamond wonders how she can bear it. And worst of all, how will the Flying Santa find her?
Many Hands resized.jpg

Many Hands

ISBN: 978-1608930142

Why does everyone keep telling Lily that "many hands make the basket?" Didn't she make the basket with her very own hands? It is the most beautiful thing she made in her 10-year-old life and no one will give her the credit she deserves.

Many Hands explores the traditional craft of fancy basket making in the Native Penobscot culture. It also teaches the lesson that often the successes we celebrate have been made possible by the contributions of other people in our lives.


Dogsled Dreamer

ISBN: 978-1468014402

Once there was a feisty and fearless little girl who had a dream. Inger Knudsen, a Danish girl born in Greenland and raised with the native Inuit, was determined to have her own dogsled and team. In the 1920s, girls did not drive dogsleds--it just wasn't done. But Inger did not let the accepted views of the time hold her back. This is the true story of how her dream came true.    

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