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Key Mystery Series

For 8-12 year olds


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Jump into a world of mystery and adventure! Two cousins, Mandy and Nick, and later in the series with friends Christianne, Noah and Peyton, explore and solve puzzling mysteries using their combined skills of observation, deduction, determination and often, bravery. They find themselves embroiled in a mystery of not only the present, but in the long ago past as well. Each story takes the children to a different interesting and, often haunted, location--a lighthouse, a fort, an abandoned silver mine, a theatre, a mansion, a castle--where they learn about local legends and the real history of the area. The target age for this series is 8-12 years old, but it can be enjoyed by older children, as well. The books can be read in chronological order, but each book stands alone as a complete story. The Key Mysteries--the key to an I-can't-put-it-down, exciting and educational read.

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         ?            Ghosts!
                             ?         Treasure!


1.  THE LIGHTKEEPER'S KEY:  Two cousins explore a deserted lighthouse and island in Maine, searching for treasure.


2.  THE WHISPERING KEY:  In a haunted farmhouse in New Hampshire, the children make a chilling discovery.


3.  THE GHOST MINER'S KEY:  Nick, Mandy and Christianne explore an old silver mine in Nevada and walk right into danger.


4.  THE BUCCANEER'S KEY:  In St. Augustine, Florida, the children search for pirate treasure.


5.  THE OUTLAW'S KEY:  Camping in the redwood forest of California, the children encounter Big Foot--or do they?


6.  THE FORTKEEPER'S KEYS:  The ghost of a long ago soldier at Fort Knox in Maine  enlists the children's help.


7.  THE HAUNTED MANSION KEY:  At an old mansion in Bar Harbor, Maine, the children find a secret room. . . and much more.


8.  THE SHADOWMAN'S KEY:  Summer theatre at the old Bangor Opera House  in Maine  turns into a haunting experience.

9.  THE THUNDERBIRD's KEY:  Staying at camp in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin in Maine leads to danger and discovery.

10.  THE BLACK KNIGHT'S KEY:  At a haunted castle in Scotland, the children search for a legendary treasure.

11.  THE VANISHING CLOCK MYSTERY:  A Maine island adventure includes a ghost, a shipwreck and an exciting find.

12.  THE PROFESSOR'S KEY:  Working on an archaeological dig in Maine, the children discover more than they ever imagined.


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