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Author Visits

Angeli Perrow can visit your school!

I love to visit schools, libraries and museums!

Below you will find the different workshops I can offer. Or if you have a particular theme in mind, I can tailor my visit to meet your needs.

I prefer locations within 90 miles of Bangor. If an overnighter is required, the host party will need to provide accommodations and meals.


Let Your Light Shine!
In this fun, interactive workshop, students learn fascinating facts about lighthouses, sing lighthouse songs, and hear one of Angeli's dog/lighthouse picture books. This workshop can be tailored to the age group. It is especially popular with students in grades K-4. It aligns well with Maine studies.

Many Hands
This presentation traces the history of Native basketmaking in Maine. Students learn a few Penobscot Indian words and get to see examples of Native baskets, materials, and musical instruments. They hear the story of Many Hands shared by the author. It is popular with students in grades 2-6 and aligns well with Maine Native studies.

Exploring Fort Knox
This presentation is based on the author's chapter book, The Fortkeeper's Keys. The fictional mystery is set at Maine's Fort Knox and draws on actual fort facts and legends. Students learn about the writing of the book and the research that went into it. It is popular with students in grades 3-6 and aligns well with Maine studies, especially if the class is planning a field trip to Fort Knox.

Super Story Writing
This workshop teaches students the basics of good fiction writing--developing characters and setting, coming up with a problem or goal for the protagonist, creating conflict and resolution. Basically, it reinforces what teachers are already teaching and is especially good for younger students (grades K-3). It involves group brainstorming and decisions, as well as hearing one of the author's picture books.

Tips for Better Writing
This workshop gets kids writing. They practice writing a good lead, using descriptive language, and using action verbs. Along the way, they get to do a little drawing. This requires each student to have paper, pencil, eraser and two colored pencils or markers. It works well especially with students in grades 2-5.

Mystery Object Poetry
This workshop combines writing poetry and making art. Students are led through the writing of a poem about an object and then are given an object to write their own poem about. Then they will illustrate it with oil pastels and watercolors for a beautiful masterpiece to keep. This workshop can only be done with an individual class or small group (up to 24 students) and requires at least an hour.

FOR LIBRARIES or small groups: A simple craft of making lighthouse or dragonfly bookmarks can be added to either of the first two workshops to make it an hour long.


The cost of a school visit is $500. If possible, I try to do no more than 4 workshops/presentations in a day (so my voice won't give out!).  Sometimes, I will visit an individual class if it's within easy driving distance for $100.

The cost of a library visit is usually $100 for one session that lasts an hour.

The cost for a one hour session with homeschoolers is $10 a student ($15 per family) with a minimum of 10 students.

All of this is negotiable.
If you have a particular theme in mind, let me know and I can try to coordinate my presentation with your theme.
If you need a tailor-made workshop, I can try to do that for you.

I keep a good supply of all my book titles on hand. If you would like your students to have the opportunity to buy autographed books from me (most at a reduced price), I can provide you with an order form before my visit. Orders can be sent to me and I will bring the signed books with me to be distributed. If you prefer to have them buy books the day of the visit, that is fine, if you allow time in the schedule and also realize that certain titles might run out.

Hope to see you soon!

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