***      Fresh off the Press--The Maine Lighthouses Coloring Book

 Updated and expanded, the new Maine Lighthouses Coloring Book offers educational fun for children.  It features hand-drawn pictures and fascinating facts about 31 of Maine's best known lighthouses along with 2 of Canada's, plus the famous Lightship Nantucket #112!

Published in March 2021, the coloring book is available on Amazon or from this website (see the Orders page under Contact).


New Release--The Black Knight's Key!


The 10th Key Mystery was published in January 2021. It is available on Amazon or from this website. (See the Orders page under Contact.)

 Nick, Mandy and friends are excited to be staying at an ancient castle in Scotland. After hearing about the legendary Sinclair treasure, guarded by a mysterious White Lady, the children set out on a quest to find it. Someone, though, is desperate to stop them. Is it the ghost of the Black Knight, killed in battle in 1302, and still roaming the glen on his horse? Or his fierce war hound they hear howling on stormy nights? Or could it be the creepy old man they see prowling the grounds with a shovel? After an intruder breaks into the castle, the mystery ramps up and the children are in a race against unknown forces. Will they find the key to the treasure in time?


The Black Knight's Key, a suspenseful tale of graves and ghosts, danger and determination, will keep 8-12 year olds reading to the spellbinding conclusion.

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Angeli Perrow on Light-Hearted Podcast

An interview with Angeli Perrow is featured on a podcast sponsored by the U.S. Lighthouse Society and broadcast world wide.  Interviewer Jeremy D'Entremont, lighthouse author, historian, and producer of the podcast, asks Angeli about her career as a children's book writer and particularly hones in on her interest in lighthouses and the writing of her mutiple lighthouse-related books. Below is the link to listen to the podcast.